“Genuine value can only come from the most brilliant ideas and honest effort”

- Mario Prickin

Trusted Business Partner

Medilase has established a reputation to offer technical innovation and expertise. We supply cost - effective, life - enhancing technology to the client who wants a strong ROI. Medilase supplies medical level systems to the ophthalmology, surgical and aesthetic fraternities. We also supply high - grade equipment to the beauty industry.

About the Owners

Wicus Olivier the managing director, financially qualified, has been involved in the laser industry for over 40 years. His experience, training and involvement in the laser industry is comprehensive. Prior to founding the companies in the Hitech Group, he served as business developer in the banking industry. Wicus Olivier jnr. Aesthetic and Technical director has 7 years of experience in capital medical equipment sales and 20 years of technical experience with the majority of his career in the medical aesthetics space.

The hardworking and dedicated personnel of the Hitech Group add value to the service Medilase offers their clients.

Why Deal with Us

Medilase, as part of the Hitech Group, has a recognised proficiency in the laser industry. It is a family owned South African registered company, founded 42 years ago . We have an uncompromised commitment to improving health and well - being of people on our continent. We provide customers with the best advice from our experience to best suite their clinical needs. Sustained success of all clients are our satisfaction. Medilase is a well - established and respected distributor of a broad array of light - based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. Our products are used to provide a diverse range of treatment applications.

Medilase products go beyond the ordinary.

Quality products , well designed to maximise operator and patient comfort.




All skin types


Proven results


We customize our product or the combination of products offered to suit your specific needs and client profile.

Marketing Support

Advanced marketing support from us, supported by the manufacturers. Marketing material immediately available from manufacturer websites. Practice enhancement support. Medilase assists their clients to capitalize on the growing opportunities in their different fields of practice.

Clinical Support

Comprehensive clinical training. Regular clinical workshops. Follow-up clinical training on request and assistance with problems.



Warranty on all systems. A choice of maintenance and service contracts. Maintenance locally by in-house, manufacturer trained technicians.